The Firm

Sequoia is a private equity and investment management firm with a focus on global impact investments. Sequoia is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our private equity investment and investment management activities focus on high growth opportunities and situations that require innovative solutions in dynamically changing market circumstances. We often invest the firm’s capital in partnership with reputable industry specialists, institutional and/or private investors. We are generally active investors with clear views on how to move the business forward and, if necessary, are hands-on involved in the operations of our portfolio companies.

We believe in making in investments in companies that make a positive, sustainable impact on achieving certain development objectives that benefit the world, while simultaneously generating attractive returns for investors. Sequoia’s private equity investment include, amongst others, (i) a controlling stake in ASA International, the world’s largest international microfinance institution, which serves in excess of 2.5 million female micro-entrepreneurs in 13 countries in Asia and Africa and (ii) CarbonX, an advanced materials company which invented a unique form of carbon which , amongst others, has the ability to substantially improve the quality of tires, various composable materials, as well as batteries. 

The firm is founded, owned and managed by Dirk Brouwer, who has been active in the financial services sector for most of his professional career. Since inception in 2002, Sequoia has completed numerous assignments and investments with a combined transaction value in excess of EUR 20 billion.